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Prayer Evangelism Strategy for Community Transformation

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Rick has been a Regional Vice President of Transform Our World Global (TOW-G) for 25 years. He is a member of the Corporate Executive Team of TOW-G, which is led by Dr. Ed Silvoso.

Rick is a seasoned implementer and practitioner of the principles of nation transformation. In his first book, Thank God It’s Monday!Rick tells how he learned to do business God’s way.

In his second book, The Elk River Story, Rick documents his work with leaders in Elk River, Minnesota, to transform the spiritual climate in that city. The Elk River prototype has detonated city transformation projects in many other cities, with more on the way.

A third book, The Threshing Floor, documents Minnesota’s calling as the threshing floor to the nation. Chuck Pierce, wrote the foreword for this book, saying that Rick’s book is, “…a tremendous prophetic prayer blueprint for how to pray to see a state transformed.

His fourth book, Marketplace Miracles, provides 6 principles of how to do extraordinary miracles in the marketplace and builds faith for seeing God-sized solutions to human issues in marketplaces around the world. That book also defines 12 commitments needed to operate a Kingdom Company.

Rick is a visionary and encourager to transformation efforts around the globe, in which he combines extensive knowledge of the Word of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit and 25 years of business experience.

Rick serves as the Executive Director for Transform Our World Minnesota (TOW-MN). Below is a list of the functions within TOW-MN;

  • Bless Minnesota (, which is pursuing a strategy to adopt and pray for every street in the state of Minnesota. Bless Minnesota also includes an Adopt-A-Cop strategy.
  • Transformation Companies. Several companies have re-purposed themselves to become agencies of transformation in the business world.
  • Transformation Churches. These are congregations, who are equipping their members to be marketplace ministers in their various spheres of influence.
  • Transformation in Government. This includes strategies to be a blessing to local, state, county and national governments.
  • Transformation in Education. One strategy is to arrange for the tutoring of urban grade schools to improve the academic performance of their students.

 Rick and Rachel live in Bloomington, MN and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.